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Goliath V2

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Attention Growers

Grow your largest yields indoors

Are you sick of replacing HPS bulbs, or not getting the yields you desire? Are your plants not healthy? Have LED companies promised you good yields, but you are not getting them? 

Well, not anymore. I grow with my own lights. I get massive yields. You don't need all the height that you do with other LEDs and HPS.

You have seen bar design lights before, but none that use Double Lens technology, which is why they lack deep penetration. This is why they don't offer the high yields that we get. 

The only LEDs that come close to 


The Perfect Sun Goliath V2 wil easily replace a 1000w HPS double ended bulb and only uses 680w. It will cover up to 5x5 feet with ease.

This light is much more powerful than the Max Yield. This is the light you want. The benefit of this light is that you can get much closer to your plants, up to a foot away to 17 inches away.

In fact, during flowering, you want to be around 12-17 inches from the tops of your plants. What is awesome about this bar design is that it can grow a five-foot-tall plant because it has high par at 6 feet away from the light. 

Why buy from us? Because we offer quality lights at an affordable cost. I am an honest guy who wants to help the growing community. I am born and raised in America. Lights will be shipped from Oregon USA.

Goliath V2 is fanless and thus silent. It uses passive cooling. 

This will fit perfectly in your 4x4 tent as its size is just under 3.5 feet. 

 This light will replace any light you have and give you greater yields. 

 People wanted a light to replace their 1000w HPS. The Perfect Sun Goliath V2 exceeds any HPS and LED. It has greater PAR and penetrates deeper into your plant, which means larger yields.

  • Uses only 680w, yet is more powerful than a 1000w HPS. This means larger and more tomatoes or whatever you grow in your garden. 
  • Super easy to grow with, and it is silent. 
  • It will veg and flower your plants, all with the same perfect sun spectrum.
  • New high-powered Osram SMD LED technology

Take it for a test drive for a full 90 days. If you aren't completely satisfied, then return it for a refund.  

Double lens technology for deep penetration. This is what other bar designs lack. 

Easy assembly. No tools are required. 


An ideal hanging height for flowering plants is 17 inches above the tops of the plants. Here is the par readings from 17 inches away. As you can see, even the corners have very high par numbers. This is an average par of 768 for a 4x4 area. To put that into perspective, a 1000 DE HPS has an average par of 630 for a 4x4 area. 

The higher the average par the greater the yields. 

ppfd high for goliath v2 led

 You might want to be 3 feet away during veg or early veg. The Goliath v2 is so powerful, that even from 3 feet away, the average par is 522, which is insane for that far away from the plant. 

3 feet ppfd led

Light Specs

 Weight: About 46 pounds

-Size: 40 inches x 40 inches x 5 inches tall. Or 3 feet and 4 inches square. 

 LEDs: High Powered Osram SMD LEDs in different colors to achieve the Perfect Sun Spectrum

 Life Span: 50,000 hours (That is over 10 years if on every day for 12 hours a day) ​

 Footprint: The light covers 5x5 feet max

Power consumption: 680 watts on 110v outlets. 5.3 amps - or on 220v 2.7 amps