About Us

It goes something like this. I wanted to garden indoors, so I bought some equipment and HPS lights. They did the job, but being under them in the garden did not feel anything like being outside. They gave me headaches. I couldn't see how healthy or sick my plants were. The colors don't look right under those lights. On top of that, they used way too much electricity, so I tried LEDs. 

None of them worked as good as the HPS. Most had funky spectrums that made the grow room look like some alien purple planet. Being in the grow room wasn't enjoyable.

So, I started experimenting with LEDs to produce a spectrum like the sun, one that had UV, IR, and a spectrum that had enough reds and blues like the sun does. I did it. Gardening indoors under the Goliath V2 lights felt like I was in the bright summer sun. No headaches. I could see my plants correctly. 

Then, I grew the largest most healthy plants ever, with dense large fruits. 

If you are anything like me, you spend a lot of time in the grow room. Fill them with proper LEDs that feel good in your garden and give you the results of a 1000hps but with so much less watts. 650 and 680 true watts with Max Yield or Goliath v2.