Plant Root Growth Spray
Root Growth Platinum
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Root Growth Platinum

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Do you want roots like that? You sure do because massive healthy roots =  a large plant that will produce quality fruits. How do you do that you ask? By using a potent root stimulator like Root Growth Platinum.

Let’s break this down. It contains what Root Excelurator Gold does AND MORE. It has all the B vitamins and Fulvic Acid. Who cares about Fulvic acid, you say?

Well, it’s the bomb. Do people still say that? Did I just reveal that I am a boomer? 

Anyway, fulvic acid helps stimulate root development since it does a better job at getting through the rigid cell wall. It also helps the plant absorb water more efficiently.

You want to be sure your root zone is free from disease, or they will not grow well, which means your plants will suffer. We got that covered. Root Growth Platinum helps keep your roots healthy, protecting them from root rot and diseases.

Is there anything this product doesn’t do? It will not make you a sandwich, but it will help your plants grow quick roots and healthy roots, which means big healthy plants.

Now that you know it works better than Root Excelurator Gold, you could go buy that for $30 per 100mL or you can buy our Root Growth Platinum for $20 per 100mL or save a lot more money and buy by the Liter.

Do you grow in soil? We got that covered. Do you grow hydroponically or in coco coir? We got you covered.

Roots Growth Platinum works in soil, coco, and all hydroponic substrates.

So, why not buy a bottle and give it a try. 

Feed at 1mL per gallon for the first 3 weeks.